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Created for Women Spirtial Empowerment and Unity

Company Message

Divaz Biographies

Our ladies are among the most talented and take their positions, and working for the good of others very seriously. It would be our pleasure to help bring out the best in you.


*PROFESSION: Student of Administrative Studies *AFFINITY: Married Three Lovely Children *ZODIAC: Scorpio *BIRTH DATE: 11/14/73 *PASTIME: Swimming, Light Exercise, Dancing, Cooking,Traveling, Shopping, Dining, Reading, Networking, Quality Time with Family,and Watching Old Movies *PLACES OF ENJOYMENT: Church, Vacation spots such as (Myrtle Beach, Florida), Coffee Shops, Book Stores, Shopping Malls, Positive Places of Social Maturity, Theatre's, Spa's, and Resorts *MISSION: To bring forth a positive impact towards to communities. Make a powerful change in others lives One inch, One moment, and One day at a time, also combine a strong and supportive group of women with structure, and confidence to mingle at social events & function for optimistic results. Inspireing women to put forth their best to build a sisterhood that they can rely on when in need. *FUTURE IDEAS: My purpose beyond the present is to create a positive image that we as women will trust, and be proud of. Also to change negative views toward the social clubs. Lastly encourage women of all shapes,and sizes to unite and make an impact with good deeds for the less fortunate.


*PROFESSION: CEO LPN *AFFINITY: Married Four Lovely Children *ZODIAC: Sagittarius *BIRTH DATE: 11/26/56 *PASTIME: Watching TV, Puzzles, Gardening, and Number crunching *PLACES of ENJOYMENT: Bargain Stores, and spending time with relatives *MEMBER INTENT: To donate and engage in charities as I pay it forward while putting some of the needs of others first. *FUTURE IDEAS: To be in unison with others and share life lessons with those who are open and willing to except, as I put my best foot forward on behalf of the group.


*PROFESSION: Dietary Aid *AFFINITY: Single One lovely son *ZODIAC: Pisces *BIRTH DATE: 03/09/75 *PASTIME: Socializing, Fishing ,Networking, Cooking, and Engaging in Family time *PLACES OF ENJOYMENT: Church, and Visiting Relatives *MEMBER INTENT: To make a difference in others lives, by giving to the unfortunate. *FUTURE IDEAS: To help find more ways to give towards single mothers

Latrina Hite

(So Blessed)


AFFINITY: Single 4 children 7 Grandchildren

ZODIAC: Capricorn

BIRTH DATE: 1/14/71

PASTIME: Spending time with Grands


MEMBER INTENT: to structure a foundation and a sense of family.

FUTURE IDEAS: to keep spirituality within the group.

Clare Eggleston (Big Sexy)

* PROFESSION: Homemaker/Care Giver * AFFINITY: Single * ZODIAC: Scorpio * BIRTH DATE:11/17/82 * PASTIME: Cooking, Swimming, and Cosmetology * PLACES of ENJOYMENT: Movies, and Sisters House *MEMBER INTENT: To form a bond with a sisterhood and circulate love and support * FUTURE IDEAS: To use my time in a positive way, also take the opportunity to engage in charity and for the well being of others.

Shaniece Valentine



AFFINITY: Single 1 child

ZODIAC: Cancer

BIRTH DATE: July 18, 1988

PASTIME: Crocheting

Places of enjoyment: Park, Beach, mostly home relaxing

Member intent: to find sisterhood & lasting family

Future Ideas: to make great change in poverty stricken communities